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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2011 11:52am-12:22pm EDT

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allies was the invasion of iraq was a gift to them that they kind of always wanted but they never expected to get because the invasion of iraq was the perfect predicate for a just had it was a religious predicate it was an infidel country invading a muslim country occupying it and installing man made laws rather than rather than god's law and so as i said earlier in our talk we did for bin laden what he had not been able to do for himself and that is to create a situation where defensive jihad against the west appeared perfectly acceptable and perfectly correct and the duty of many muslims so there is no upside to iraq's or it's all downside for the united states and its allies mr sure you said something personal a minute ago and i want to ask you a personal question if i me michael you said i quit my job in the in the in the
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agency because i wanted to speak out publicly does that mean that you think that speaking as a public figure as an independent public think figure you can do more good for the american people then working in the central intelligence agency. well let me say first of all i left a job that i loved i had no intention of ever leaving but from one thousand nine hundred eighty three when we started work at least in a small way against al qaeda until two thousand and four i had seen three consecutive presidents tell the american people that we were at war because. they hate liberty they hate freedom in and all the rest of the kind of can't there comes out of the mouths of western politicians and what i thought and it sounds corny sort of sounds trite but i thought it was time to be a good citizen and from certainly from the cia i could not publicly say that
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for example whatever you think about our relationship with saudi arabia our support for a repressive arab police state really empowers al qaeda and other islamists to attack us i couldn't say that from cia and i couldn't say that no matter whether you support israel or whether you oppose israel our relationship with the israelis is a poisonous relationship in terms of u.s. interests in the muslim world i certainly couldn't say that from from the cia so and rightfully so civil servants shouldn't be able to say those things but as a private citizen i thought i could perhaps at least add to the dimensions of the debate in the united states. those states today are facing serious financial problems and do you think that to some extent it may
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be a result of the hyperactive fraud in military parlance as of the bush era and do you think that that that that today's financial problems may influence and change the military and the foreign policy of the united states. well i think certainly the bush and obama administrations and the clinton administration before hand have been very interventionist in their foreign policy in terms of both military activities and for bombing the serbs back in clinton to the war on terror and the expansion of the effort in afghanistan all of that is very expensive you know i think the main problem for the united states is really an enormous number of useless politicians who spend too much money domestically and. will it affect our. behavior overseas i think it has to because we're not going to be able to afford to keep doing what we have been doing and i think it's a very it's
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a very useful thing to listen to what the enemy says and what he intended to do osama bin laden from one thousand nine hundred six forward was very clear that the they could not defeat the united states militarily but that through the three things they used the three metrics they used to define whether they were making any progress were the following first to take care to take advantage of whatever international economic conditions were to help lead the united states to bankruptcy and i think just as we've talked a rock afghanistan and many other things are helping could lead us to bankruptcy the second thing al qaeda mentioned as a goal was to spread out u.s. intelligence forces and u.s. military forces to the point where they had no flexibility and very little reserves and i think we've seen that accomplished and the third goal was to create as much public dissent in the united states as the north vietnamese did during the vietnam
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war and to strip away. our allies kind of wanted to time and i think we've seen many many of our allies just abandon us in the field so from my perspective when osama bin laden died he was a success not only in terms of inspiring. young muslims to fight the west but also substantively and what he laid out is the only way that he thought the islamists could defeat the united states thank you thank you very much and just a reminder that my guest on the show today was my old sure as the former chief of the us i'm a been allowed in tracking units have been cia and that's it for now from all of us here if you want to have your sound spotlight part have someone in mind who you think they should interview next time to drop below would be back with more first time comments on ones going on in and outside of russia and until then stay and partied and take your.
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tonight on our t.v. russia's city of paying its last respects to the victims of wednesday's plane crash that killed almost all of the top local i saw. thousands of people streaming into the stadium where the locomotive just played i'm sean thomas gave jaroslav. a city mourns and grieves for the loss of their stars. also a nation on guard new security threats emerge on the eve of the tenth anniversary of nine eleven because some fear that the u.s. war on terror is creating more enemies than it's destroyed. us tel aviv in cairo struck a new sour note in relations as an angry mob in the egyptian capital storms the israeli embassy forcing its stuff to flee the country. it's the second time in one
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week that in his radio battle to a muslim country has been expelled join me pull its name in a few moments and i'll bring you more. welcome this is r.t. it's now eight pm here in moscow. and first the stadium where russia's lokomotiv ice hockey team played their last game has been transformed into a venue of mourning in tears today more than one hundred thousand people attended the ceremony in memory of the team and all the others that perished on board the yacht forty two in a crash last wednesday our correspondent sean thomas witnessed the city's creek. it's only inside the stadium where the the locomotive players played their games is very somber and quiet and respectful as thousands of people from all over russia and the city come to say their last goodbyes as if this three day mourning period
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comes to an end we've been hearing some of the personal stories of the players who is lives were tragically cut short we know of one player who just before this flight had proposed to his girlfriend and was hoping to start a family we know of another player who has declared that this was his final season and he wanted to give up hockey so that he could spend more time with his family of course losing his life on the way to his first game of his last season also a flight attendant twenty nine years old just got married three months ago and was planning to leave the aviation industry so that she could start a family of her own now as to the rebuilding of the team and the spirit of moving forward best a geisha is still going on right now as we speak but beyond that we have the opportunity to speak with two players from former jaroslav all the locomotive teams who said that they will come back so that they can help rebuild this franchise and
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make it the championship team that it once was we also have the opportunity to talk to the next generation of players the people who hope to become professionals and this is what they have to say about moving forward from this tragedy. as the city continues to mourn one very dedicated group of young men have choosing to honor their heroes in a unique way by getting back to the arts with the mother because she told us that we should go on from the ice and going through all the guys say loss of life from the british way of the story told us to win for them severely. as. for these players practicing these special as it was from this area of the team from their states for the front. men to monitor from six of september their trade. in sessions before mr gilmore they were confident and quite optimistic and determined all of them were in very high spirits for a new. one coach working with a small scheme was supposed to be on the floor and they'll be back working now his
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stance are still strong for those affected by this tragic loss i think it's it's hard hard to put a lot although by then families and relatives or so i suppose very serious ystem. going to. go on a lot of my going to this for everybody and for the next generation of jaroslava lokomotiv hockey players it's not just about rebuilding the team for the future of the city it's also about getting back on the ice as a form of therapy to help them get through their grief. but also have a strong wish to be in bigger growing crops you know when they use championship and dedicate a beach original my friends forgot it was your own and while this team practices and even younger group is ready to follow in their footsteps. coming into play if you don't mind where. they told us about them in cannot manuel you need to be made
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in the team only ever bought stock market school i want to be needing that movie does that kind of not community needs to become scheduled to be tested for the county the county is going to come right studios. proving that even though they've gone from the ice to members of this ill fated locomotive team it will continue to be in the hearts and minds of the people of jaroslava and the nation for generations to come in yourselves shuns honest hard to. so how was a city robbed of its sports stars its families and loved ones who had to r.t. dot com for the latest updates from us about investigators to continue to rule out theories behind the deadly catastrophe as they continue trying to find out what went wrong the latest when the fuel was contaminated to learn more about a possible cause. as the crash at twelve website. security is being stepped up across the u.s. for a terror threat on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the september eleventh attacks
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american intelligence intercepted communications from an al qaeda operative in pakistan indicating plans for a vehicle bomb plot against new york city or washington result is more important reports next a decade on many u.s. citizens still feel vulnerable in their own country. ten years ago america was blocked by unprecedented terror. nearly three thousand innocent lives were lost in a post nine eleven world was born. our war on terror. begins in our county. but it does not in there. it will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found stopped and defeated washington's military reach began with the high growth summit in lot of america strikes back afghanistan as only with bombs and missiles from the air and
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sea then a preemptive pounding into iraq. in the decade that followed america's fight for freedom has been stating i torture secret detention and rendition human rights violations symbolized by landmarks like one ton i'm obey grade and the blogger airbase prison we had garnered the empathy not only of the world but the muslim world and if we had the courage to be vulnerable we would be far safer and more secure than we are today instead we track from that very dark licks are of naturalism journalist and author chris hedges says america's terror unleashed throughout the middle east has opened a pandora's box of evil statements are over a million iraqi dead since the invasion. you know hundreds and hundreds of civilians killed in pakistan thousands killed in afghanistan not to mention
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millions of people displaced in a refugee camp some of the terror that we have unleashed will not go unpaid it is and it will strike us eventually however in a post nine eleven america citizens have been forced to compromise their. freedom in the name of security the past decade has paved the way for new state practices such as warrantless wiretapping intrusive airport screening and greater authority for law enforcement what some call a police state and then making as this national security state he rose and as it becomes easier for the government to scrutinize guys that's in all aspects of our lives i think that we are going through what we worried about is the issue. is larger than just the specific isolated workers it is in the ether that is all around us much of the right here at home for people in our own country.
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since nine eleven a rising tide of islamophobia has passed through this formerly tolerant nation according to the f.b.i. the four man intended to carry out their plan today dozens of muslim americans have been arrested and convicted in so-called f.b.i. for oil terror plots plots that were orchestrated and now new factures by government paid informants these cases have been created by the government and yet we're supposed to feel safer because criminals that would not have come up with a plot had it not been brought to them on a platter by the u.s. government are now in jail and we have you know snowball the violence that's going on around the world only raise more hatred only brings more but feelings only reinforced many narratives very violent narratives of american imperialism around the world and we think we've created more enemies than friends you know being
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targeted communities rather than making them partners not only has it not made us any safer i think that it has undermined you know the very fabric of american society the fabric of a post nine eleven america the united states is conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden the leader. still waging war in the. americas i get to get the person all right but it's here in colorado military i say you know if. he turns. around the world ma'am i'm lying i know what happened after the international feat and yet the literary arena for tonight artsy. let's get some more thoughts about the ramifications of nine eleven shall we i'm told to hold garden he's professor of international and comparative politics of the american university of paris thanks for being with us whole. looking back the wars in afghanistan and iraq were reported as you listen to what
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reports of them claimed more than a million lives by that is true he think we're such a large number of victims justified in efforts to stop international terrorism over the past ten years well i assume it's based on the cost of war project which is a very comprehensive the study your are more like two hundred twenty thousand to two hundred fifty thousand dead but nevertheless that's about seventy three times the number of people that died so turner alone so yes this is explain and i would want to say that that includes six thousand brave young american soldiers who went out to fight these wars and several hundred thousand or applying for disability service because of their injuries or whatever or how they got hurt in this conflict and as someone else said earlier there's at least seven million eight hundred thousand refugees created from these conflicts so this is a way out of proportion in that sense to the horrors that did take place on
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american spirit or course the economy say the u.s. has been fighting these wars that that so that we can't afford i guess the counter-argument to that is you can't put a price on attempts to secure the world yeah well our you know the pentagon spent. the went up roughly to seven point six trillion percent since then the wars themselves probably cost between two to three point three to two point seven trillion what once you put in all sorts of other costs disability. payment and other issues so this is really been a drain on the economy of the september eleventh attacks of course cost about forty billion in damages plus the three thousand lives and and some say as much as two trillion to the stock market but we've just added on to that disaster with their own misconceived strategy of the war in iraq had nothing to do with al qaida in afghanistan the goal there seem to be more against the taliban than al qaida itself
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has been one slipped through the cracks. and so i really think you know this whole strategy from the big george bush as was quoted earlier was on to the war against al qaeda but all terrorism is really a disaster and i can't use a much stronger term that i could probably what i want to do that i'm told the course another side to this whole i mean it's said the u.s. hasn't seen a terror attack on its own in the past ten years but that same thing can be said about units in the rest of the world do you think america's war on terror is actually have the effect disparate spreading terrorism all across the rest of the globe instead of containing it well of course one of the reasons why for example to madrid bombing in two thousand and four was the get spain out of the war in iraq and some other other reasons were involved and the madrid bombing which is quite quite devastating and that's was one example of the point is we can't get the big guy you look at the little guys so so you do that but the but i think the other
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effect is it's had i think that every state can use the war on terror to its own purposes they look at the united states the united states did that and we can do that too and therefore it's opened a real pandora's box as well as one person said earlier we don't know what to expect the rule of law. international law is certainly been undermined by american actions that of course in the past decade the very controversial pat trade act that we know to succeed in the war on terror the u.s. had to introduce it basically allowing the state to spy on its people yet it is it justified do you think to give up one's privacy in order to feel safe for all was the state just used that as a pretext to gain more control that is an argument that some people say well it's a mix of the two i mean i had states of for a long time i lived in washington d.c. it was called the murder capital of the world for a while we had about five deaths there mostly drug related and that's another issue we've got a drug war in our war border that's killed more people than iraq over the past few years so insecurity is still there i'm not so sure of the national the patriot act
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and everything is actually resolve that issue particular to the drug prices that we're involved in on the other hand sometimes you wonder if the border controls are more interested in bringing in. illegal plants and other things rather than looking looking for terrorists and some people who have nothing to do with terrorism been stopped at the border and sent back home so so it's not clear to me that centralization you know the idea was to connect the f.b.i. the cia together which was opposed to after world war two the idea of linking the cia the f.b.i. was opposed by president truman this linkage to me is not it's not clear that it's serving him with all the final twenty seconds of a camera but at a time i want to ask you what do you think as the world changed for the better post nine eleven i'd like to say well i'm afraid i have to say no a war of terror killing bin ladden doesn't stop at the killing of
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a good war didn't stop the communist movements during the cold war killing bin ladden will not stop it we have more we have to gauge a collective security and it southwest asia we have to find ways to reconcile with the taliban and and and the kabul government we have the word. to india and pakistan to reconcile those those issues we have to work with egypt and israel that card which is getting worse since post-war boruc we did a lot of work it's going to be done in order to calm the situation down in real we resolve these problems because they're not resolved thanks for your thoughtful gardner professor and chair of the department of international and comparative politics that the american university in paris thank you very much. because we want to know what you say as well what you think about this seems story about one of our websites or participates in latest poll to tell question what does nine eleven mean for you now ten years on very many of us remember it for old enough for so far the
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most popular response is a convenient pretext to invade afghanistan and iraq and the answer a conspiracy to rob americans of their freedoms comes a close second as you can see on the chart there sunny also telling us it's a tragedy the nation must learn to let go now and an enemy attack the us will never allow to happen again it's always good to hear what you think on our channel. is the place where you can contribute. to terrorist attacks and became synonymous with. the senseless slaughter of almost street people stop. the vision of an evening. news or party. to. look back at nine eleven see. egypt is on high alert tonight after a night arrives in cairo left at least three people dead and more than
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a thousand injured the demonstration for reform in the country quickly turned violent as protesters vented their anger against the israeli embassy raging mob stormed the building with police slow to react eventually they did manage to push the rioters back with force seize paullus leader of maybe's corresponds got the latest for you from tel aviv. israeli officials have condemned in the at most tones the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying that it is simply unacceptable now israel has withdrawn all its embassy staff with the exception of one person that it's keeping in cairo in the hope that it can maintain some kind of diplomatic relations between both countries the egyptian prime minister has offered the resignation of both him and his cabinet to the high military council and this is all this is a form of apology for the fact that the police stood by it's a civil law was not pro-choice still with the embassy and the police simply did nothing this resignation has been rejected there were hundreds of protesters they smashed down the embassy who are basically thousands of documents out of the window
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they state two police vehicles and myatt they threw molotov cocktails at the police and burnt an israeli flag now three people were killed we've been told hundreds if not thousands were injured many of them by the tear gas that the police were forced to use to disperse the crowd the u.s. defense secretary called cairo one of this happening and urged the police there to do something and for something to be done to protect the israeli embassy and it seems as if it was almost after this phone call that the police intervened in the situation was eventually brought under control the incident was actually sparked by israel's refusal to apologize for killing five egyptian soldiers last month and that was in a cross border raid that israel says was a mistake but it hasn't gone the step of actually apologizing for those gifts all of this comes just months after the former egyptian president hosni mubarak was ousted he of course was a long time friend of israel and this is why many here also suspecting that is well because of its traditional behavior is likely to react much strongly in the coming
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hours if not in the coming days but of course israel is in a delicate position because it needs all the frames that it can have particularly in light of the fact that it is just one week since the israeli ambassador was expelled from turkey all of this coming at a critical juncture for israel just days ahead of palestinians going to the united nations security council to court for a palestinian state. clashes a broken during an anthro story to measure rally in greece's second largest city with riot police firing tear gas to disperse protesters a record number of police are on standby and forty's prepare for the largest protests the country's witnessed against the cuts thousands of people are gathering indeed in the northern city of press and for rallies as prime minister george specter to live with and more speech about the state in the economy let's talk economic next becca's he's in athens for us next thanks for taking the time out to be an r.t. international one without the people taking to the streets once again tonight it seems frustration in greece has again reached boiling point here in athens how bad
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is a situation a can you paint a picture for a wheelchair but it's actually a lot of armor and some all reasonable enough to salute you but it's usually the case that so this time of year because the focus is very much on the politics and the announcement in just a week even just about every group with a grudge even pre-crisis would be out in stores now given this crisis and all of the austerity measures and much of the pain that the average person is dealing you agrees there is more than enough distance. because more people on the street is here i gather that most of the process of silly beast but there are always a few elements that will create more. let the visitor reports that greece is likely to declare the fall even as soon as this weekend do you think that could happen. for the last fifteen months i can recall.

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